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Matt Kemp back on the boil

Top chef returns to kitchen to revamp historic Sydney hotel restaurant
The Daily Telegraph - CONFIDENTIAL with Grant Jones & Elizabeth Meryment
Photo: Annika Enderborg - published Tuesday 15th April, 2014

A few years ago Matt Kemp was one of the up and coming lights of the Sydney food scene - until his restaurant, Montpellier Public House, closed and he was left jobless.

"My wife looked at a picture of me then and said I looked five years older than I do now," the English-burn chef says with a laugh.Matt Back On The Boil - The Daily Telegraph Photo: Annika Enderborg "I have learned a lot since then."

Now Kemp is jumping back into business, taking a role as consultant chef at Manly hotel Q Station with an eye to renovating its food options and putting life into the restaurant there, called the Boilerhouse.

"It's an amazing location but has some unbelievable challenges due to where it is." he says.

Q Station, an 85 room hotel in what was Sydney's infectious disease Quarantine Station from the 1830’s to the 1980’s, is on the tip of the Manly headland. The situation is remote, a problem complicated by the heritage nature of the property.

“It’s so interesting but it’s not easy.” Kemp says.

Kemp says he is focusing on bringing more of a chef’s sensibility to the food at the hotel, ensuring better produce and seasonal dishes are brought onto the menu.

We’re going to do a lot of work on the restaurant. Great food is all about the ingredients.” He says.

Kemp, who spent a stint at bar group Keystone before leaving last year, says he learned much from the group about budgeting correcting for a restaurant as a business.

“I learned so much from them” he says, “I would never do business the way I was again.”

He says the time away from the kitchen has helped him to rebalance his life, including spending time with his young family.

University of Sydney archaeologists study engravings at Quarantine Station

Written by Steven Deare, Photo: Annika Enderborg

ARCHAEOLOGISTS are studying engravings around North Head as part of multidisciplinary research aimed at learning more about Australia’s migration history.
University of Sydney archaeologists study engravings at Quarantine Station, ManlyThe Sydney University project exploring Quarantine Station, used from 1835 to 1984 to quarantine ­migrants suspected of carrying disease, is taking a novel approach in bringing ­archaeologists and historians together to share ­analysis.

Dr Ursula Frederick is one of the archaeologists recording engravings on rocks on Manly’s beaches, hospital grounds and Old Mans Hat.

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The Balzac Touch Comes to Q Station Manly

The Balzac Touch Comes To Q Station ManlyMatthew Kemp, one of Australia’s most well respected and recognised chefs, has joined Q Station Manly as an Ambassador Chef, assisting with the hotel’s culinary concept.

Originating from the UK and now calling Australia home, Matthew has worked for and alongside some of the best in the business.

Matthew’s philosophy is to simply provide fresh, seasonal, quality food that offers something for everyone.

This is the same philosophy that has been translated across Q Station’s culinary offerings in Boilerhouse Restaurant and Events.

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The Balzac Touch Comes To Q Station Manly (pdf PDF Format)

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Q Station Manly wins Green Globe Heritage Sustainability Award

Green Globe Awards 2013We are very proud to announce that Q Station Manly has won a Green Globe Award in the inaugural category of Heritage Sustainability.

The Green Globe Award ceremony was held on the 24 September, 2013 at Sydney's NSW Parliament House.

The NSW Government’s Green Globe Awards are the leading environment awards, recognising environmental excellence, leadership and innovation in NSW.

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Families are Officially Quarantined

Since 1837 when the Lady Macnaghten docked as the first officially quarantined vessel at the QStation (formerly Quarantine Station), families have been a major part of the QStation’s history. In those days they were not exactly willing guests, given that illness and death aboard their ships was the cause for their extended stay at Q station. These days it’s a different story and on September 22 the gates of Q Station will be open to all, offering a chance to experience a little of those early days as well as enjoy a full day’s entertainment.

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