Conserving the Q Station site

The former Quarantine Station was not built to last forever. The site is rugged, the buildings are lightweight, and the landscape is continually changing.

The site comprises 65 buildings, several archaeological sites, and some spectacular vantage points from which to look out over Sydney Harbour and native bushland. A number of the timber buildings on the site sit on hill slopes that receive wild weather and gusty, salty winds. Much of the landscape contains ancient dune systems that are easily eroded, and bushland eager to move back into the former cultural landscape.

These factors, together with the obvious cultural and historical significance of the site, mean that maintaining the former Quarantine Station is a constant and very expensive exercise. In view of this, the site is operated as a truly sustainable tourism operation: 20 per cent of money spent at Q Station is reinvested directly back into the long term conservation of this very special site.

Why the site was leased

There was not enough public money to ensure the long term conservation, access and interpretation of the site, and fresh ideas were needed

pdf Condition of the site 496KB PDF

Integrated monitoring and adaptive management

Our IMAMS checks on the sustainability of the site and the business that funds its conservation read more... [pdf]

Bi-annual IMAMS reports have been presented to the OEH (formally known as DECC) and the Quarantine Station Community Committee (QSCC)

Environmental assessment and plans

It took seven years to get through the environmental assessment and leasing process read more... [pdf]

We have produced and had approved a cast number of Site Wide Plans that are publicly accessible, including read more... [pdf]

Environmental management

We have produced a Sustainability Policy and already undertaken an environmental audit to make sure the site is being well managed read more... [pdf]

Community involvement & consultation

Our consultation and community involvement includes Community Open Days, Community Committees and a volunteer program read more... [pdf]

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